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Why The Money Hans?

Through this blog, I want to share my knowledge and 20 years experience in finance with those who need it the most – directly.

A quick explanation of the name – ‘hans’ is Sanskrit for swan. In Hindu mythology, goddess Saraswati, the muse of learning, knowledge, and source of creative energies, rides the swan. The hansis also said to have special powers to separate milk from water. So given my name and financial research background, I had a calling to help investors learn and separate good investments from bad.

Who am I?

My name is Hansi Mehrotra. Here’s a link to my LinkedIn profile –  (https://www.linkedin.com/in/hansimehrotra).

I am a girl from Unnao in UP, India who built a good enough career in finance to be on the Asia pacific investment committee of the world’s largest investment consulting firm – that too without an MBA!

I feel grateful for my journey so far. I was able to figure out what I enjoyed, and then pursue it. I worked with some really smart people and got to interview some of the smartest investment professionals in the world. While that, in itself, doesn’t make me smart, I feel I have learnt enough that I can share some of the insights from my professional journey with normal people who struggle to manage their finances.

Yet another site?

There are enough brilliant investment books and websites out there if someone really wants to learn about making money. But I noticed that the best books and sites were about stock picking i.e. how to pick individual stocks.The average normal person doesn’t have the time or inclination to pick stocks. That is why the financial services/mutual funds industry exists – so they can entrust their savings to professional fund managers to make it grow, ideally at a slightly higher return than the broader market.

However, it appears there aren’t many books on how to select these mutual funds. In fact, my Google search resulted in only a couple of credible books. And they have the opposite views!

At the other extreme, authors and media come up with their own views on how to manage your money and pick funds (based on some version of ‘track record’). They also present a complicated-looking sites and ‘fund fact sheets’ that cram a lot of jargon on to one page.

I, as a professional, struggle to read them – I feel sorry for normal people, who don’t have a clue about Jensen’s alpha or Treynor measure. Why do they come up with some complicated calculation that no one cares about?

Anyway, I couldn’t find any decent books or sites, which helped normal people really understand investing. So I decided to write one myself.

Why me?

Since I mentioned that you shouldn’t blindly follow journalists who are not qualified, I owe you an explanation of my qualifications and experience.

If you are interested in the long version of my story, I would be happy to share anecdotes from my journey in the blogs. The short version,which also appeared on YourStory (http://her.yourstory.com/hansi-mehrotra-0104), is that I have one of the best qualifications (CFA charter) and more than 20 years experience with leading researchers in sophisticated markets.

I posted all the articles that appear on this site on LinkedIn just as a publishing platform, and got named a Top Voice for money and finance (https://lists.linkedin.com/2015/top-voices/money-and-finance/hansi-mehrotra), one of only 10 out of more than 150,000 posts every week by more than 440 million members.

By the way, I am also launching another site aimed at the industry, so if you are a finance professional you may want to check out that one instead (www.moneymanagementindia.net).

Feel free to ask questions

I genuinely believe that everyone needs to understand money – because you can’t do without it. It’s a basic life skill in today’s world – like reading and writing. I also understand it can be boring and intimidating. I will try my best to make it fun and simple.

Please keep giving me constructive feedback when you don’t understand something so I can do something about it.

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