Learn about The Money House

Learn using 'The Money House' framework

Learning works better when you have a framework. Here we have used 'the money house' as a framework for how you can think about organising your wealth.

You can watch a video explaining 'The Money House'

Freedom Slab

When you just need a basic roof, you put in a flat slab. Similarly, when you need a passive income to 'retire', you can convert some of your wealth into a diversified income portfolio.

Growth Pillars

Just like a house needs strong pillars to hold it up, you need at least two pillars to help you grow. The first is self-learning - you need to keep learning to enhance your skills and earn better. The second is growth assets - ideally a portfolio of shares in quality businesses.

Architect Blueprint

Just like an architect needs to understand her own abilities as well as the land on which the house needs to be built, you need to understand your own abilities and temperament as well as the market environment (inflation, markets, products, intermediaries etc).

Fun Roof

You can design the roof any way you want - from traditional to whimsical - to make the house your own. Even if the roof gets destroyed, your house still stands. Similarly, you can allocate some of your wealth to your hobbies or own business, knowing that if they don't work out, you can walk away.

Essentials Foundation

Just like a house needs a strong foundation that is not visible and hence, can't be damaged, you need your own good health and an emergency fund to help you re-bounce from an adverse situation.

Architect Blueprint

...to understand yourself and world

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How much do you think your net worth has fallen as a direct result of CoVid? It seems a simple enough question. I hear of many people seeing the lower value in the equity mutual fund portfolio statements, comparing it to the highest they have seen it to be in the recent past, and concluding
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People don’t talk about money; women even less so. Strangely, money is still one of the taboo topics in Indian society, along with sex even as politics and religious discussions have become a norm in living rooms. I asked my girlfriends about why they think this is – they simply shrugged and said something along
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The ‘Architect Blueprint’ suggests you know your own capabilities, and also the ‘lay of the land’ meaning the environment. To that end, I have created a series of videos that explain basic terms in black & white, using a whiteboard. These videos are only one minute each, so you can watch them all in one

Essentials Foundation

...to protect stuff you can't afford to lose

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A budget is basically a plan on how to spend the income you have. One way to do this to first track all your expenses for a few months and then set up a budget to trim your ‘lattes and avocado toasts’. Personally, I’ve never liked the idea to focus on such details. Let me
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Just when there are studies that show that money doesn’t lead to happiness, how can I claim that having a stash of emergency money will make you happier? Actually, the studies refer to money above a certain level. Everyone needs some money to cover basic physical needs (like food, home, clothing) and security needs (like

Growth Pillars

...to help you grow wealth

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Begin investing with MFs

If you want to understand mutual funds beyond the cute ads, here is all you need to know
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Begin investing with ETFs

So you want to start investing and don’t know where to start? This post will outline key concepts and then provide links to actually start investing…check this post regularly over the next few weeks What is investing? We have provided a high level outline with links to 18 one-minute videos in this post …please watch
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I got my first taste of sailing a few months after I’d seen the ocean for the first time. It was an amazing experience – the sight of the blue sky and bluer water, the wind in my face, the thrill of the yacht tilting…I was hooked!…though I didn’t get a chance to sail again

Fun Money Roof

...to make life worth living

Freedom Slab

...to convert wealth into passive income

General Knowledge

...stuff that's useful to know

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Teaching kids about money

It’s never too early to teach kids about money. Here are some suggestions of what we can teach at various ages – Ages 4–6 Knowing the difference in appearance and value between coins and notes Putting money aside to save for later Understanding the value of earning money by completing tasks Comprehending the difference between