It’s never too early to teach kids about money.

Here are some suggestions of what we can teach at various ages –

Ages 4–6

Knowing the difference in appearance and value between coins and notes

Putting money aside to save for later

Understanding the value of earning money by completing tasks

Comprehending the difference between wants and needs

Ages 7–12

Managing, saving and spending an allowance

Tracking purchases

Shopping to compare prices

Making — and sticking to — a budget

Avoiding impulse buying

Ages 13–17

Managing money earned through work (like a summer or a part-time job)

Making financial goals (short- and long-term)

Understanding and learning about the wise use of credit

Protecting against identity theft

Managing debt

Saving toward a goal (like a bike, car or college fund)

Research and compare the jobs held by family members and what education and training it took to get there.

Ages 18+

Buying a car

Emergency savings


Saving for a goal

Building an education fund

More information coming soon

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