Hi, I'm Hansi

I grew up in small town India and built a good enough career in finance to be on the Asia pacific investment committee of the world’s largest investment consulting firm – that too without an MBA! I now want to share whatever I’ve learnt with those who need it the most.

Hans…as in swan?

Yes, ‘hans’ is Sanskrit for swan. In Hindu mythology, goddess Saraswati, the muse of learning, knowledge, and source of creative energies, rides the swan. The ‘paramhansa’ is also said to have special powers to separate milk from water. So given my name and financial research background, I want to help everyone learn about money, separating good investments from bad.

How is this site different from others?

You may notice it’s different when it comes to –


Most finance sites are dense, text-heavy and boring. I’ve tried to make this one user-friendly, using whatever I am learning about learning. I’ve used drawings, metaphors, colours…and humour. Let me know if it’s working.


There are enough brilliant investment books and websites out there if someone really wants to learn about stock picking i.e. how to pick individual stocks.The average normal person doesn’t have the time or inclination to pick stocks. That is why the financial services/mutual funds industry exists. However, it appears there aren’t many good and credible books on personal finance and how to select financial advisers and mutual funds. I decided to write a book, but realised I kept editing the manuscript and adding material. I concluded writing a blog is better.

And me!

I’ve got qualifications (global CFA charter, GradDip in Applied Finance & Investment from Australia and Private Wealth Certificate from Wharton/IPI), experience (both working in a leading investment firm, and in making my own money) and passion. You can read a bit on me in an article on YourStory – . And on LinkedIn, where I’ve been named TopVoice in 2015, and PowerProfile in 2017 and 2018 and TopVoice again in 2020. Here’s a link to my LinkedIn profile – ( By the way, if you are a finance professional you may want to check out my other site one instead (

Feel free to ask questions

I genuinely believe that everyone needs to understand money – because you can’t do without it. It’s a basic life skill in today’s world – like reading and writing. I also understand it can be boring and intimidating. I will try my best to make it fun and simple. Please keep giving me constructive feedback when you don’t understand something so I can do something about it. You can post on social media or email hello (at) themoneyhans (dot) com