Tuesday, 12 March 2024 / Published in Money Mindful
We all need money…maybe not as an end… but as means.  We need money as a medium of exchange…to be able to buy goods & services that we can’t make or provide ourselves. So we work in areas we are good at to create surplus, which we convert into money, and convert into whatever goods
Saturday, 21 January 2017 / Published in Architect Blueprint, Personal Finance
The Guardian has one. The New York Times has one. Sydney Morning Herald has one too. The Times Of India has one too. Most newspapers have a personal finance column. Obviously money is a popular topic. I must have read thousands of personal finance columns. I started writing one here about a year and half
Tuesday, 15 November 2016 / Published in Architect Blueprint, Personal Finance
Good journalists do a great job of synthesizing different points of view into one coherent article, simplifying it for the reader in the process. Good articles quote experts, presenting a balanced view of different opinions. Ideally, the ideas should be more important than the authors. However, when it comes to investment or financial planning advice,